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Natural Pure Honey


Ever since I wanted to start my own company but was lacking a great business idea. That's when Jugraj came into my life and we decided to get married after our understanding settled down. I recall how excited i had got after i got to hear about his dream of turning the Idea of BFI into a company through my ears. His imagination helps him reach great heights and execution is where i step in. Execution is my power and He has always been supportive of me to help me being out the Women entrepreneur in me. He incorporated the company and i joined him working hard day and night to make a great product. I want to work so hard in this company that in the next 10 years we can have all the products available in our company. We are working hard to be a giant in the exports industry. I have seen my Husband pushing himself every time things fell off and he has always risen up harder. Starting alone today we have a little team aligned and helping us with our efforts to make a great product. We want to work hard to change the experience of exports customers in the industry.



Honey Exporter



Organic Honey Exporter

Vaishali SHARMA

Operations Executive

Natural Pure Honey



Our Team Vision

Barring Family International

Core Features

Making honey is a complex and unique process

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